The rc_viscore stereo camera is a high-resolution IP54-protected 3D stereo camera with an integrated rc_randomdot projector. The rc_viscore stereo camera provides 12MP camera images and – in combination with an rc_cube or the SGM®producer – depth, confidence and error images. The integrated rc_randomdot projector projects a random dot pattern and allows for dense depth images even in weakly textured scenes and the high resolution permits the detection of small parts with high accuracy.

In combination with the rc_cube, the rc_viscore stereo camera provides the data for object detection and grasp computation applications, e.g. in industrial automation and logistics applications.

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Fig. 1 The Roboception rc_viscore stereo camera

The terms “stereo camera”, “camera” and “rc_viscore stereo camera” used throughout the manual all refer to the Roboception rc_viscore stereo camera stereo camera.