The only parts removable by the customer are the lens caps, which can be unscrewed. The customer does not need to open the rc_viscore stereo camera’s housing to perform maintenance. Unauthorized opening of the housing will void the warranty. For all maintenance operations other than adjusting focus and aperture, the product must be switched off.

To handle the optical components, wearing gloves is strongly recommended. The lens cap can be removed by unscrewing the barrel. Then focus and the aperture can be adjusted with manual settings of the C-mount lens.


The lens cap needs to be in place during normal operation to meet EMC requirements.

Lens cleaning

Glass lenses with antireflective coating are used to reduce glare. Please take special care when cleaning the lenses. To clean them, use a compressed air duster or soft lens-cleaning brush to remove dust or dirt particles. To remove stubborn dirt, wipe 1-2 drops of a non-alcohol-based lens cleaning solution formulated for coated lenses (such as the Uvex Clear family of products) in a gentle circular motion with a cleaning tissue. Always apply the fluid to a tissue rather than the lens itself.


In case the lens covers are removed, a calibration check is required.

Change of Working Range

In case a change of working range is desired, an adjustment of the focus as well as the depth range is required. Please note the limitations in the measurement range in Table 2.